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Cheryl Elman

Cheryl Elman


Cheryl Elman CH, CMT, BS Ed, Accredited SleepTalk Trainer and president of the Dave Elman Hypnosis Institute.  She has trained and presented in 18 countries on 5 continents along side her husband, H Larry Elman.  Living with his son has provided her with insight into who Dave Elman was beyond merely books.  She is a motivating speaker who engages the audience with her enthusiasm, humor and their participation.  She was voted MAHC 2014 Educator of the Year, and 2016 Optimist of the Year for working extensively with Children’s Programs in NC.

The Evolution of the Dave Elman Induction (DEI)

The Dave Elman Induction (DEI)is taught around the world, with so many versions and adaptations.  Most teach it as a script..which some consider “magic words”.  What made Dave Elman extremely effective in getting people into hypnosis in 1-3 minutes using his techniques, and how did he derive at what we consider the DEI today? Hear in Dave Elman’s words what he was thinking along with Cheryl’s demo and discussion. You leave understanding the “processes” far beyond the “words” themselves and become more effective in your own use of the DEI.

Help Families and your Business Grow with the Goulding SleepTalk for Children

Have you worked with children and found that once they go home to the same environment much of their progress backslides? Would you like to get in front of a more diverse audience to introduce them to your services? Would you like to help children, but not necessarily work directly with them?

This experiential workshop is for you! The Goulding Process of SleepTalk for Children helps to create shifts in family dynamics. You teach parents to help build their child(ren)’s self-esteem in just 2-3 minutes per night. A Clinical Psychologist from Ireland told me that most processes look at a child in pieces, but rarely as an entire picture. It seems so simple yet it is designed to look at and work with the complete life of the child. Learn how Joane Goulding evolved from initially creating SleepTalk for her daughter with special needs to now a full blown process that benefits children globally.

Cheryl is also offering a 2 day pre conference workshop w/ H. Larry Elman:

Best Practices of Dave Elman Hypnosis
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