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Goulding SleepTalk for Children Consultant Training

August 21-22



On a regular basis as hypnotists, we encounter negative patterns of behavior that derive from incidents or dialogues or moments from our client’s childhood. Varieties of professionals work with children: hypnotists, psychologists, social workers, teachers, etc and often the strides taken forward backslide because the child’s environment remains stagnant. As a Goulding SleepTalk® for Children Intern/Consultant you train parents to talk to their children during sleep using the time proven process that builds the child’s self-esteem and emotional resilience. This provides “armor” against negative sources and creates a feeling of positive unconditional love producing a happy and more balanced child. Also, SleepTalk® creates a ‘shift’ in both the parents and child(ren), thus improving overall family dynamics.

Participants will learn through lecture, discussion and workshops:

· the SleepTalk® process

· its history and evolution

· the process assessment and tracking methods

· the Level 1 foundation statements and development of Level 2 statements

· how to teach parents to increase their child(ren)’s positive belief systems and override the existing negative beliefs

· marketing strategies as the process expands the target clients available to hypnotists

· benefits of using Skype with parents

· how to do SleepTalk® for Children with individuals, couples in groups and corporate programs

· Participants will receive a listing as a SleepTalk® Intern on the International Intern Register upon completion of this 2 day course

· And much more

Becoming a SleepTalk® Consultant is a 6 month process and has 3 Levels of Training.

· Level 1 arms you with the information and assessments you need to begin working immediately with parents, teaching them to build their child’s self-esteem and emotional resiliency in just 2-3 minutes per night.

· Level 2 includes re-assessment of the child(ren)’s progress and change. Results initiate customization of the process by developing suggestions which meet the criteria defined in SleepTalk®. These suggestions will speak to the child’s underlying issues/causes rather not just ‘curing’ the presenting symptom, behavior or habit.

· Level 3 will be followed up as distant learning. Also included in your tuition are:

o Videos and additional resources

o discussion groups via skype with Cheryl Elman

o the cost of submission and evaluation of your case histories

o your Accreditation as a SleepTalk® Consultant

o a year free listing with links and contact info on the International SleepTalk® for Children Register.

o The participant also receives an overview of psycho-nutrition which can present opportunities to network with nutritionists.

o 103 page manual, videos, and various supplemental materials.

Becoming a SleepTalk® Intern/Consultant expands your marketing to new groups and grows your business as it reaches parents and groups who might not have been accepting of hypnosis. The SleepTalk® Process is easy to follow and includes assessments at various points to track changes in the child(ren). Through periodic feedback, the parent helps to track the growth and change in the child. This process has been shown to create life-long change.

Presenter: Cheryl J Elman CH, CMT, Bs Ed, International SleepTalk® Trainer www.DaveElmanHypnosisInstitute.com