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Carm Blacconiere



Carm Blacconiere has been in the field of hypnosis for over forty years. He was on the board of directors for the “National Hypnotic Research Center”, Taught Self Hypnosis in adult evening classes for twenty-eight years. He has currently been Chairman of the “Mid-America Hypnosis Conference” for the past twenty years. Carm has gratefully received acknowledgement from the “National Guild of Hypnotists” and the “International Hypnosis Federation” and the “International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association”.

Demonstrations of the Subconscious Mind

Learn how the subconscious and conscious mind work and how you can learn to direct your mind for your benefit. Experience demonstrations on how the subconscious works and how you can learn to get better control in your life. These techniques can be extremely helpful to gain rapport and respect of your clients. They can also be fun for presentations to groups.