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Camille Jarmusz


Camille Jarmusz – is certified as a Consulting Hypnotist and NLP Practitioner, with a BA Psychology & Communication.

The designer and CEO of Camille CBD Oil nutraceuticals and skin care by Natural Image Care. Camille is a Transformational Life Coach, Medical Intuitive and Psychic Medium Healer.

Autism Release for Children

Learn techniques from Camille Jarmusz’s unique and ground-breaking Autism Release Protocol for Children (ARPC), developed from her personal experience over 17 years working with her son, which gradually freed him from a severe disorder to almost nonexistent. Learn from Camille’s experience working with her team of world-renowned doctors and experts; gain knowledge and techniques that are easily incorporated into your personal life or professional practice. Camille also created the Autism Release Protocol for Teens into Adulthood (ARPTA)