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Caitlin Roth


Caitlin Roth – is a certified hypnotherapist and a certified cannabis caregiver in Colorado. She has been intentionally combining hypnosis and cannabis to effect healing in her clients for over four years. Her clients have overcome both physical and emotional states that have not previously responded to hypnosis or cannabis alone.

Cannabis and Hypnosis, What Every Therapist Needs To Know

Whether it is legal in your state or not doesn’t matter. Whether you are an ardent fan or an avid opponent doesn’t matter. No matter what you think of Cannabis, your clients are using this medicine. You need to be educated about how to recognize if your client is high in your office and how to use that to your mutual benefit in a session. You need to know how to work with this client population. Learn how to use it as a marketing tool to gain new clients who would never have considered hypnosis otherwise. Used correctly, cannabis can act synergistically to enhance your client’s healing from physical illness and emotional distress. Learn the differences and dispel the myths of THC, CBD, CBN and more.