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Bruce Eimer Pre

Mastering the Power of Hypnosis to Control Pain

August 21-22



Poorly managed chronic pain is a pervasive problem because the causes of chronic pain syndromes are often elusive and complicated. Hypnosis is the oldest proven non-drug treatment for pain and this 2-day workshop will teach you how to use hypnosis, mindfulness meditation and compassionate self-awareness to help your clients get convincing pain relief. You will learn how to elicit positive expectations from your first contact with a client in pain through your interview questions and hypnosis pre-talk. You will learn how to choose the best induction for the client in pain, how to teach an appropriate self-hypnosis exercise that will enable your client to get repeatable pain relief, and how to deliver post-hypnotic suggestions that will subconsciously prepare your client to expect repeated relief. The course will cover the most powerful ways to use direct suggestion in hypnosis (DSIH) for analgesia, and how to employ analytical hypnotherapy (e.g., regression and parts therapy methods) for resolving psychological obstacles to improving pain relief and functionality. Teaching methods will include lecture, demonstrations, experiential exercises and group practice.

Bruce is a licensed psychologist and professional hypnotherapist in Philadelphia with more than thirty years of experience treating people with chronic pain using cognitive-behavioral and hypnosis interventions. Bruce is a Fellow of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis and the American Psychological Association. Bruce is also a person with chronic pain and has been using mindful self-hypnosis techniques to manage his own chronic pain for more than 25 years.He has authored several books on hypnosis for pain relief and taught numerous workshops on the topic. He has directed the behavioral medicine component of a busy hospital pain clinic for the past 8 years.