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Bruce Eimer -is a licensed psychologist in PA and NJ in practice for over 30 years. He is Board Certified with the American Board of Professional Psychology, a Fellow of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis and American Psychological Association, and a Certified Hypnotherapy Instructor with IMDHA. He has authored nine books, over 20 scientific articles, numerous book chapters, and conducted many professional workshops. He specializes in hypnotherapy for pain management, problem habits, anxiety and PTSD.

Stop smoking in just one visit!

The most common reason people go to a professional hypnotist is for help to stop smoking. This presentation was describe Dr. Eimer’s protocol for helping most smokers stop smoking in a single visit. The 50 minute visit begins with an intake evaluation, followed by waking state reframing of the client’s blocking beliefs, additional patient education about the consequences of continuing to smoke and the benefits of stopping, and a brief hypnosis session to fix key suggestions in place in the client’s unconscious mind. Learn how to explain to any client who comes to you for help to stop smoking why smoking is not an addiction, but a choice, and why that client can stop smoking then and there with little to no stress or withdrawal symptoms. Bruce has been using hypnosis as a tool to help people stop smoking for over 26 years, and has over a 65% success rate based on informal follow-ups for up to three years after the session.

Bruce is offering a 2 day pre conference workshop:

Hypnotherapy for Pain Management
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Bruce is also offering a 2 day post conference workshop w/ Roy Hunter:

Client Centered Parts Therapy
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