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Bob Offer

Bob Offer


Bob Offer – An International Businessman (Monaco, Milan) Bob Offer brings the tools to accelerate you to the top of our profession. In addition to studying and earning certifications in all the major Hypnosis modalities from Regression, to Eriksonian and what is called Quantum Hypnosis, Bob bring a unique dimension to his practice and this class. That being the consciousness of advanced 3-5 day mediations with Guru’s, Sacred Sundance Ceremony with Lakota descendants of Crazy Horse and advanced Neuro-Physiology training (Trained Neuroprint Practitioner (a Cognitive Neurodynamic change modality) with some of today’s most current scientists and College Level Bio- Chemistry and Marine biology studies. A trained Public Speaker – VP of Toastmasters. With Visits from Dr. Steven Roth (Celebrity Hypno-dentist) and other NGH teachers assure this will be an action packed interactive class. Often a supporter of Dave Elman Hypnosis and Col Larry and Cheryl Elman at recent conventions, Student of Cal Banyan, Michael Ellner, Jacob Bimblich, Melissa Tiers, NLP Master Will Horton, Don Motin and many more. Your time and value received is assured.

Heroic Hypnosis: Step Up Your Practice to the Next Level gained from the latest research and techniques!

The consciousness raising reality of mind power! Understanding prayer, Placebos, Ultra High or Ultra Depth, client compliance, EFT, NLP, EMDR etc all point to a systematical way to help affect wanted change for a client in a reliable way.  We all have an inner power to create our self and our world, or create love, or grow. We came from a sperm and an egg that came from a sperm and an egg and somehow a creator (as you wish to call your maker). Thanks to 5 billion smart phones and tablets we now find, know and show there is an inner power in all of us that allows us to help have a “real” effect based on the power of suggestion, performed in a systematic way. From fake pills (placebos), shots, or words used in the right way results appear. The amount of documentation is undeniable. In this 45-minute discussion we will outline and detail – a simple understanding of multileveled methodologies in which helping the client raise his/her consciousness – total transformation can be achieved. After all the leg bone is connected to the hip bone and the hip bone is connected to back bone and all that is connected to our subconscious or unconscious mind and conscious mind. All affected by outside stimulation …. and our emotions which helps develop change (emotionally and physically) like a Placebo, or a prayer, or a hypnotist.


Look at the news tonight (really look!)  …. Don’t wait another day. it’s time to become Heroic!