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Bob Burns


Bob Burns – hypnotized his first person in the early 70’s by pretending to be a hypnotist whilst touring as a musician with an R & B band. This scared the hell out of him and had a lot to do with him going on to university where he studied psychology, sociology and philosophy at honours degree level.
Since then he has gone on to do stage hypnosis, street, impromptu and also uses it in the world of magic and mentalism where he has worked in the corporate world for many years.
He does many hypnosis workshops throughout the year, mainly throughout Europe whilst also working as a Clinical Hypnotist where he also mentors and teaches his methods live in his therapy rooms in Montrose, Scotland (the home of James Esdaile). Bob is considered to be the only clinical hypnotist who offers this specialised training in Europe.
In hypnotherapy he had for many years always worked with what he was always happy to call: ‘standard operational procedures’:

The Wall

In his journeys teaching and workshopping around the world over many years Bob has discovered a commonality with thousands of therapists in that they would all love to feel and be super confident in both themselves and their practice in the therapy room. Yet many work over many years without ever bringing this problem to the fore. Hence Bob wrote and developed The Wall. A 100% no fail protocol that any therapist can use with any client taking them through that very important Initial Consultation with total and supreme confidence.

The Island

Bob Burns will reveal how he started doing actual Hypnotherapy by revealing ‘The Island’ Protocol.
‘The Island’ was used in The Silva Method and 40 years later (Bob first started in therapy in 1078) it is still one of the methods which allows a client to ‘self-heal’ AFTER the sessions, and indeed for the rest of their life.
Full ‘hard copy’ of this wonderful protocol will be available for all attendees.’

Bob is offering a 2 day pre conference workshop: The Bob Burns Swan Certificated Workshop

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