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Birgit Zottmann

Birgit ZottmannBIOGRAPHY

Birgit Zottmann – has a doctor degree in educational science (University of Frankfurt, Germany), is a certified hypnotherapist, a hypnosis instructor, a trained mindfulness teacher (University of Massachusetts), a strategic coach (T. Robbins) and author of several well-known books. She has been practicing hypnosis for more than 16 years in Frankfurt and New York. Her knowledge and compassion for change processes is her brand.

The ultimate self-compassion script to enhance self-worth and self-confidence

More or less all people feel inadequate or imperfect at times. In an ever-more complex world, there is simply no way we can protect someone from events that threaten the self-esteem — events like social rejection, family problems, personal failures, and others

We can help our clients to respond to those difficult situations and to self-doubt with self-compassion. Self-compassion is a skill many people lack.
A couple of interesting studies that were recently published show that self compassion offers a useful way forward for all of us.