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Beryl Comar

Beryl Comar


Beryl Comar –  is known for introducing Hypnosis, NLP and EFT to the Middle East where she has been based for 40 years. She has trained Consulting Hypnotists throughout the Arabian peninsula to USA and UK accreditation and, since publication of her renowned manual HypnoDontics has traveled globally training dentists and Hypnotists to use hypnotic solutions and work collaboratively together. Her work in developing Emotional Intelligence courses for hypnotists working in hospitals, schools and business, and the Broken Heart Cure has been awarded internationally. Say hello, she’s a nice lady also!

HypnoDontics: Hypnosis in Dentistry

HypnoDontics is more than just fear of dentists or needles. And dentists are waiting to know how someone can help their patients with nausea, gagging, excessive blood and saliva flow, bruxism, bulimia as well as for their own stress. Find out here how to approach them to gain a constant flow of referrals.


Beryl is offering a 3 day pre conference workshop w/ Amber Cox: EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: GATEWAY TO WORKING IN HOSPITALS, SCHOOLS, BUSINESS

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