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Beryl Comar Pre

Emotional Intelligence: gateway to working in hospitals, schools, business

August 21-23


Emotional Intelligence: gateway to working in hospitals, schools, business

Beryl has been based in Dubai in the Middle East for 40 years. She introduced hypnosis and NLP to the entire Arabian peninsula and has trained hundreds in basic and advanced techniques. In the past fifteen years she switched to describing our techniques as “the how-to of Emotional Intelligence thus being invited into organizations to train staff and management in EI. In this one hour talk she will tell you how EQ differs from IQ and how calling yourself an EQ Specialist will gain you more clients.

Beryl Comar MA, MEd., MNLP, BCH, CI is from Uk and worked in Tanzania teaching for four years before moving to Dubai. She was the first to take hypnosis, NLP and EFT to the Middle East. Former University and British Council teacher trainer with over 30yrs experience of NLP & Hypnosis. Awards include NGH: Award of the Braid-2010, Hallmark Award-2014. NFNLP Trainer of the Year 2006. HCT Founders Award 1989 from Sheikh Nahayan bin Mubarak.
Beryl, based in Dubai for 40 years, now based in Spain, has worked with royal families, Heads of State and Olympic Champions, as well as working with dentists and dental patients since 1999. Her public demonstrations with volunteers, and the fast changes she can help clients with, are renowned. Beryl trains and certifies Hypnotists and Dentists around the world in Advanced Hypnosis, NLP and EFT techniques at conferences, conventions and lately on cruise ships.
Author of “HypnoDontics: A Manual for Dentists & Hypnotists”. Beryl is well experienced and qualified to take HypnoDontics, and you, to the next level. Become certified and claim your place on www.HypnoDonticsWorld.com

Amber Rose Cox says: “My background encompasses a thirty year background in corporate sales and communication as well as maintaining a private hypnotherapy practice for the past ten years. I currently coach doctors and their teams on how to better connect addressing the internal communications as well as how they can better connect with patients. I am a facilitator, lecturer and a corporate speaker focusing on the power of connection based on the principles of Emotional Intelligence while incorporating the power of suggestion using Hypnosis and NLP.”

“I am a client directed change expert who’s work encompasses individuals, groups and companies to incorporate cohesive relationships and behavioral changes according to goals, desires and general well-being. Facilitator of change using integrative modalities and processes such as Emotional Intelligence training, NeuroLinguistic Programming and Clinical Hypnotherapy.”

“I have done extensive and advanced training with leaders in the area of Hypnosis, Emotional Intelligence, NeuroLinguistic Programming.”