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Barbara Stafford



Barbara Stafford – is a Certified Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist as well as a Registered Psychotherapist in Colorado who uses her training to work with women and men who have been sexually violated or involved in issues of domestic violence, victim of criminal violence and PTSD. Also as she is a Certified Practitioner of Mind-Body Connection, she works with women who have gone through miscarriage and fertility issues. She has been assisting others to achieve miracles in their lives in Colorado Springs area and surrounding counties for over 6 years.

More Than Saying You Are Sorry – Working with Miscarriage and Fertility Issues

Have you had clients who have come into your office wanting to work through the sorrow of going through a miscarriage or not being able to become pregnant? That seeing others with children or friends being pregnant causes them to sink into a state of deep grief? Not sure how to assist them or even what to say? How do you help those who are planning fertility treatments or IVF? What can you do to support them? Learn some ways to aid them in their healing, to help them achieve their dreams of being a Mother or work through the acceptance of Life.