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Ayse Hogan


Ayse Hogan – Certified Master Hypnotist (Both Clinical and Regression)
Certified Metaphysical Hypnotist (Past Life Regression, Interlife and Spirit Release), Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Shadow Energetics Practioner (Belief Change via Muscle Testing), Thai Reflexologist,Shaman Practitioner, Doctorate in Spiritual Counselling, Interfaith Spiritual & Esoteric Minister, Minister of TWIST (which is my own blend of healings working together in unison), Public Speaker, Producer, Host

Ayse is a dynamic and passionate individual, bursting to share how complementary and holistic and alternative sessions can help you rise above seemingly insurmountable challenges. She knows this to be true through her own life experiences.


Through holistic and alternative modalities, Ayse learned that she has access to a strong and loving support system within herself and in the world beyond the physical realm. Others saw her transformation and were anxious to find out how she did it. Now, she not only shares her own story and methods of healing, but she continues to educate herself in all the many alternative methods available.


We all understand that energy is a significant part of who we are and combining both the fantastic energy healing properties of Reiki along with the healing properties of Hypnosis via the subconscious mind is a unstoppable combination. It allows the recipient to take part in their own healing with then amplifies not only the healing of their energy but also the work with the subconscious.

This method has proven to be not only powerful in the use of clinical hypnosis but amazing in metaphysical hypnosis as well such as Past Life Regression and Spirit Release. This is a wonderful method for those Hypnotists that already have Level 2 or are Masters in Reiki or those who are curious about becoming attuned to Reiki.

I have been using this in my practice for the last two years and not only does it balance the Chakras and help clear energy blocks quickly, it is a fantastic experience for the client.