HypnoThoughts LIVE 2019

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Astrid Spencer



Astrid Spencer – Can we truly travel ahead or back in time through Hypnosis?  As a group, all participants will be hypnotized and “sent” to specific dates in both the past and the future.  After the session, the results will be compared. In the past this workshop has resulted in an uncanny similarity of details common among all participants. We will also discuss the healing properties of guiding clients to different times and experiences and in which situations to do so.

Time Travel through Hypnosis

After participating in a life-changing hypnotherapy session, Astrid Spencer knew that her true life’s path was to help others the way that her initial session helped her. She immediately began her studies and has now been a Certified Hypnotherapist for the past five years. She resides in Newport, Rhode Island and sees clients in her city, her state, and neighboring states. She leads a monthly healing group and is part of a dynamic collective of healing women. She specializes in past-life regression and healing traumatic emotional wounds.