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Ariel Sherker


Ariel Sherker – is a highly trained and a certified hypnotist with the NGH, a certified instructor of hypnosis as well as a motivational speaker. She has explored the globe mastering the art of Holistic Health, Nutrition and Mind/Body Medicine. She uses hypnosis to guide clients onto a path of success and help them to develop their mind with the aspiration to simplify their journey of great achievements.


The Power of Suggestion: Using Pre-Talk to Create Effective and Positive Suggestions for Your Client’s Success.

Hypnosis is all about the power of suggestion and the most important suggestions are those we give ourselves. Client’s come to see us to help them on their journey of change and our job is to help them get on the right mindset for their success. This workshop will teach you how to recognize the suggestions that your clients repeat to themselves that keep them from succeeding in their goals. Upon this recognition, you will have a clear direction of where change can happen and can formulate new suggestions that are readily accepted by your clients.