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AnnaRose Anderson


AnnaRose Anderson – new to the hypnosis world and taking it by storm. AnnaRose has her degree in International studies with a double major in public relations and politics.

PROFILE Your Clients to Empower Change w/ Kenda Summers

Ask a question that hits a challenge you didn’t know you had. The Enneagram can help you to find a strategy to overcoming why you behave a certain way. It is a fantastic tool for personal and collective transformation.
Similar to the Myers-Briggs, the Enneagram takes personality types many steps further.
The Enneagram leans more toward the nurturing side of things (suggesting that types emerge as a response to childhood experiences)
The Enneagram describes WHY while the Myers-Briggs describes HOW
The Enneagram encompasses our desires, fears, fixations while the Myers Briggs outlines how we interpret and act upon them.