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Anna Maher


Anna Maher is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist at Ayuvia Wellness Center in Glenn Mills, PA. She also holds monthly workshops, group sessions and speaks at local Universities about the healing power of Hypnosis. Being a 25 year Breast Cancer Survivor, she personally recognizes the importance of a positive mindset in healing. With divine guidance to fulfill her life purpose, she began her quest at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. There she gained vast knowledge and mastered techniques which unlock the healing powers of the mind.

Collecting Butterflies With Hypnosis

During the Workshop I will explain how I collected butterflies and why. I will discuss the correlation between feelings/emotions, thoughts and behaviors to colors of the butterflies in which clients envisioned during trance. I will explore colors and their vibrations, symbolism and subconscious meanings. Throughout the seminar there will be enlightening color exercises for participants. I will show how to add color techniques to their own hypnotherapy scripts as well as how to discuss the meanings to their clients after wakening. I will handout color charts and quick reference guides. Collecting butterflies will aid in gaining deeper insight for both client and practitioner.