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Andria Michele


Andria Michele – has been in the hypnosis field for over 14 years. She has owned and sold two hypnosis businesses in two different states in the USA. She is a business coach and consultant to hypnotists and other businesses as well as a hypnosis trainer. Although she has made a lot of money in hypnosis, like most hypnotists she is not money-motivated. Her approach to training is to show hypnotists that business techniques can be as fun and satisfying as learning therapeutic techniques and create an even greater benefit, a win-win situation for both the hypnotist and the client.

Win-Win Sales Process

What if you could relate to selling as simply another tool to help you create success and help your clients? Most of us are in the field of hypnosis to help people; therefore, anything business related (especially sales!) seems contraindication. And there are many coaches out there trying to get you interested in business by selling you on the money you could make. Not all of us are motivated by money, however! What if you could learn a sales process that is just as powerful a healing tool as other therapeutic techniques that can also earn you money? It’s a win-win situation for you and your clients.