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Amye Scharlau


Amye Scharlau – Amye Scharlau is an OMNI and NGH certified and is Internationally Board Certified. She holds a Bachelor degree from the University of Saint Catherine’s. Amye presents lecture consulting hypnotist with over 15 years of success on both the stage and her office in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Amye is also a certified instructor as and demonstrations to corporate clients and schools around the country. She teaches hypnosis at Normandale Technical College in Bloomington Minnesota. As an award winning entertainer, she has performed hundreds of comedy hypnosis shows from coast to coast.

Hypnosis in the Media!

An exploration of how popular culture affects the perception of hypnotists and hypnosis. And overview of the history of the images of hypnosis, through books, publications, and film, all the way to the current cultural memes! The understanding of these widely held beliefs can improve our effectiveness as hypnotists.