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Amber Cox


Amber Rose Cox – Founder of Portland Maine Hypnosis Center, and Board Certified Hypnotist, NLP Practitioner and Emotional Intelligence Specialist. Amber works directly with doctors and practice managers through the hospital teaching emotional intelligence and providing programs for stress and mindfulness. Amber has maintained a private practice since 2010 and works with clients in her three locations in southern and central Maine. Amber uses an integrative approach of Hypnosis, NLP, and EFT interwoven into her sessions. Amber also uses her intuitive abilities to channel her energy in order to create congruency with the client that results in a hypnotic experience that resonates at a core level. She holds advanced certification in weight loss, pain management and smoking cessation.

The NLP Wholeness Pattern for Conflicting Parts

This is a wonderful technique to use to find congruency in the positive intentions of conflicting parts. This is a powerful process to help your client gain a new perspective and help to facilitate change and push forward through blocked emotions. Very effective no matter what level of trance is acquired by the client. Incorporating this technique in to your process is very simple and yet extremely powerful.