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Albert Marotta


Albert Marotta – trained and certified in 1982, at the Hypnotism Training Institute in Glendale, CA. Training continued in specialized areas of transpersonal regression techniques, including, Past life Regression, Pre and Perinatal Regression, Spirit Releasement, Medical and Dental Hypnosis, and other less traditional programs.

Marotta is a certified hypnosis instructor. For the past 25 years, he regularly presents at national and international conferences, in the US and Canada. He was awarded two lifetime achievement awards, written several professional hypnosis articles, and contributed to three hypnosis books. He introduced hundreds of college students to hypnosis over his 46 year teaching career, the last 42 as a tenured professor. Marotta conducts both traditional and advanced transpersonal (spiritual) technique training.

Five Effective Transpersonal Inductions

These rapid inductions are designed to educate interested audience members who desire to expand beyond a typical three dimensional physical/material world. These five simple, time tested, effective inductions will be shared, demonstrated, explored and explained. Successful results are easily accomplished by focusing on the clients five senses, and basic follow-up questions for clarification. This step by step process will be shared with some unique case studies from my 35 year career. Discussion, Q&A will follow as time permits.