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Alan Sands


Alan Sands – Biography: Born at a very young age, Alan Sands has never had a job.
His father was a full-time entertainer and Alan spent countless hours traveling from show to show with his dad.
Since the age of 12, he operated lights and sound in night clubs, was an activities director and staff member at hotels and resorts, sent himself through college as a San Francisco Street Performer and has never looked back. Alan was able to copy his father’s induction and did hypnosis at parties through high school.
In 1993, Alan began developing and doing his solo comedy stage hypnosis act and has made his living exclusively as a comedy stage magician, hypnotist and more his entire career.
Alan is clinically trained and has taken stage training with many other instructors. He now does stage hypnosis coaching. Beginning in October 2013 he has taken 12 “Wanna-Be’s” and puts them on stage – alone – show after show, day after day at county fairs and makes newbies into performers who can now say, “YES” when the phone rings with a show offer.

Road Skills – Basic survival skills when Traveling

What do you pack when you go on the road for a weekend, a week, a month, multiple months?
What will make your life more pleasant when you travel?
What are the necessities needed for the traveler?
Clothes, Act Supplies, Eating, Sleeping, Driving, Entertaining, Being Entertained …

Lists – of what has worked and what has not worked.
To bring the wife or girlfriend, or leave that baggage behind?

Improve your Presenting Skills, be an Entertainer

When presenting to a group or a full theater – there are common rules and skills one must adhere to to be effective and keep the rapped attention of the audience. We will review these skills and practice them so that you leave with a firm grasp of how to enter a stage, exit a stage and remain the focus the entire time you are on stage.

Alan is also offering a 3 day post conference workshop:

Become a Comedy Stage Hypnotist
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