HypnoThoughts LIVE 2019

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Alan Sands & Michael DeSchalit

Polish your Stage Hypnosis Show – A-Z


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, August 28-30


Polish your Stage Hypnosis Show – A-Z

Day 1 — Michael DeShalit
Day 2 — Alan Sands
Day 3 — Lisa Kunschick
Day 1 — Customizing your show for your audience and doing the show you want to do
Local opportunities vs traveling
Scripting every part of the show
Writing and developing routines
How to practice
Best Business practices
Day 2 — Releasing the. Child in your volunteers
Understanding the different types of shows, what they pay & what might be expected
Contracts, Sound Riders, Safety
Marketing 101 – getting gigs and understanding all the available markets and how to attack each.
Sound systems, methods of playing music and picking music
Leaving the show with a post hypnotic, motivating statement
Doing clinical after the show
Day — 3
Instant Inductions
Mastering 3-10 inductions, rapids, progressive and more.