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Alan Barsky

Alan Barsky


Alan Barsky –  Medical Support Hypnosis in the San Francisco area. Certified NLP Instructor. Background in business: Executive Director of National Consumer Ed. Bureau, Copywriter at Lord & Bentley. Alan founded Information Services, Inc., that grew to 45 employees. Taught High School in inner-city Detroit, and Juvenile Hall (high school inside a jail). He has run for elected public office in Michigan and won.

Tricks to End Trichotillomania (Hair Pulling)

Stop clients pulling out hair, eyebrows or eyelashes!
Affects 12 million embarrassed people.
End the Shame with one surprising concept. It is why the Client asks for 4 sessions.
How to make it fun, (and serious). Lasting change. What is real cause? What do you tell parents and friends?
Learn to pronounce it, and become the local expert. Get referrals from doctors & therapists. Unique combination of inside secret tricks to end “Tric”. Fun class, guaranteed.