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Adrian Madril


Adrian Madril is currently in graduate school for Psychology, with an emphasis in Health Psychology. Prior to graduate school, he operated Complementary Care Hypnosis as well as the television program Peace of Mind for health and wellness. His specialty includes working through referrals for medical conditions once medical explanations have been ruled out, such as: intractable hiccups, esophageal spasms, stress-induced seizures, and more. Even though he closed his practice for grad school, referrals still have him working with many clients from multiple states. He has spoken on local, national and international venues on stress management.


Talking with the (Wo)Man in the Mirror…

Ever have that OMG, this just walked into my office where do I go from here feeling? In this unique presentation style, learn how your client creates the metaphors for effective change. Hear about Maggie, a young adult, who while trying to find her true identity gets thrown into a personal crisis with family, friends, and mentors. Maggie’s journey teaches her that trauma can come from those you love and trust, but healing comes from within. Caution: subject matter includes psychological and sexual abuse.

Hypno Tricks w/ James Tripp

Join hypnotist, mentalist, and international teaching sensation James Tripp, along with master manipulator and all-around nice guy Adrian Madril for the entertaining and educational class that will take your hypnosis to the next level. Through the use of magic and mayhem, you will not only learn magic, but learning from magic the subtleties of making hypnosis magical. This class you will broaden your awareness of everyday phenomena by experiencing magic and mentalism in a manner that will build value to your clients. The best part is these skills will be taught with items that are readily available to you in everyday life.