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Adam Nassor


Adam Nassor – Starting magic at the age of 6 and hypnosis at the age of 12, Adam had lots of time to really learn and live hypnosis & mentalism and train them on a very profound level. His love for hypnotic working made him pursue it, until he got certified and accomplished in open as well as covert hypnosis for stage,street and therapy, NLP, Ericksonian style and mindbending language.

Learn how to memorize any list of objects in mere minutes after just hearing them once!

In this hour I will teach you 6 simple secrets that will enable you to memorize anything you like in the shortest amount of time. With a little practice you will even be able to perform this incredible feat by the end of the session! That’s right, one hour is all we need to give you a stunningly effective memory.

What’s more to say? I’m hoping to see you soon and make you a memory master!

10 mentalism secrets that will make your hypnosis 100% more successful

In this mysterious two hours I will teach you secrets of mentalistic performances as well as a few tricks you can instantly use. As soon as you know these 10 easy steps you will 100% be a better hypnotist( and the star of any party should you so desire and show of your mindreading skills;)) because you will have an approach to entrance your subject way more subtly and skillfully.

Here’s a quick preview of what you will learn:

– Never fail to put your subjects in trance ever again
– how to predict the exact choice a person will make when you let them pick anything they like
– Never feel the need to justify yourself when doing hypnosis again!
– Multilayer communication/presentation
– The phenomenal Cold reading rapport trance protocol
– how not only transition from a performance to your trance session but also make them perfect intertwined parts!
– The one special secret that will- as soon as you know how to use it- make you more effective than any standard hypnotist

In the first hour we will will go deep into the secrets and make sure that they are definitely of of perfect use to you and in the second part we will practice, because so you will be able to straight up use what you learned.