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The Sherlock Transformational Program- Read people with one glance!

August 27


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Imagine how effective of a hypnotist you can become when you are able to know the problem of your client before knowing their name?
How impressive and competenmt will you be if you can deduce their personality and connect it to their issue?
This method will make you the smartest perosn in the room every time and give you incredible status in your clients minds.

You will get all building blocks and I personally garantuee you will be able to use these abilities on the spot!

I’m looking forward to opening your mind to mindblowing observational skills soon!

Adam Nassor started his hypnosis career at the age of 12 due to him being bullied and searching a way out. Later he was diagnosed autistic and embracing the natural gifts that came with it, he dedicated himself to finding ways to use human abilities more efficiently and making progress easy.
His trademark program “White Room”, which enables an unlimited memory, was tested by science and featured on Austrian national TV.
His “Money Frame” allowed him to get a thriving practive with paying clients and his Sherlockina Observational courses are used all over the world. This year he will share all of these programs for the first time on Hypnothoughts Live so make sure to attend while you can !