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Adam Moore


Adam Moore –  In 1999 Adam left a successful career in advertising to open the doors of Moore Creative Living—a coaching and consulting company with offices currently based in New York, Chicago, and Westport, CT that provides pioneering tools and programming and business development in the area of wellness. As a result Adam was quickly recognized as “One of the 99 Individuals to Watch in 1999” by Time Out New York Magazine, and has since continued to be on the watch list for innovation in the area of personal development and wellness.

Adam’s unique approach and well-rounded experience has allowed him and his team to work extensively with many leading companies and organizations looking to create more effective wellness solutions for their employees and staff (Nielsen Media, Chase Bank, Royal Caribbean, and Time Inc. to name a few). In 2010 Adam was contracted by Equinox Health Clubs to develop and run the company’s first wellness department for their elite flagship super club in New York City which provided members with comprehensive customized fitness and nutrition plans, coupled with personal coaching and hypnosis support to ensure greater effectivity. During its run the department saw over 550 participants and boasted an 87% success rate of personal goals met.

Although Adam spends most of his time heading Moore Creative Living, he draws upon and utilizes a span of related complimentary professional skills and trainings including: Certified Life Coach, Board-Certified Integrative Nutritionist, Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, certified Professional Hypnotist, certified Post-Rehabilitation and Corrective Exercise Master Trainer, and Ordained Minister. Adam is also an avid writer, a popular public speaker, seasoned workshop facilitator and a regular advisor to the media on leading-edge personal change techniques and technologies

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF A NEARLY UNTAPPED MARKET! — How to Get Your Hypnosis Services into Corporate Wellness Programs

The country is undergoing a chronic health crisis and in response 73% of all US employers now offer a workplace wellness program. Corporations are strongly motivated to invest in their employee’s health as it helps lower insurance costs and increase their bottom line. With an average investment of $693 per employee, the top three most popular goals of corporate wellness programs are:

• Increasing motivation to start exercising
• Smoking cessation,
• Developing healthy eating habits

These also happen to be among the top 5 most requested goals of people seeking the use of hypnosis. It’s an obvious match—hypnosis can offer tremendous benefits to a corporate wellness programs and HR and benefits managers are constantly looking for creative new solutions to help their employees hit their wellness goals.

But getting your foot in the door isn’t easy! Corporations are regularly bombarded with proposals and pitches from health and wellness professionals looking to be hired and most “cold call” proposals won’t even get read since companies are rarely willing to hire from outside vendors. Additionally, hypnosis is often mistakenly considered “too fringe” by the corporate world and companies are often unwilling to risk offering something to their employees they don’t really understand. No matter how good a match hypnosis and corporate wellness may be, getting your services into a wellness program can be incredibly difficult. Unless you know the secret ways in!

In this informative and info-packed workshop corporate wellness expert Adam Moore will teach you:
• What to say—and more importantly—what NOT to say to get an initial meeting!
• How to make your proposal stand out and get read by the key decision-makers!
• How to craft an irresistible corporate wellness brand image that wins trust!
• How to price your services in way that multiplies your income while reducing their cost!
• How to create a winning “plug-and-play” hypnosis offering that easily integrates with their current program!
• How to maintain sustainability—how you need change as the program changes!
• How to leverage the success of one wellness program into many successful programs!

If you’re current marketing approaches have you frustrated and you’re looking for a new solution to increase your income this workshop is for you!