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A L Ward

A.L. Ward


A.L. is a retired policeman who has maintained distinguished hypnosis career spanning 60 years in San Bernadino California. He has developed and refined his unique techniques where most clients achieve complete resolution of physical, mental, and spiritual issues within a single session. Many successes are considered incurable by today’s modern medical practices.

A.L. has been awarded 2”lifetime achievement awards” one by the National Guild of Hypnotists, and the other by the International Hypnosis Federation. He has written five hypnosis books. His presentation and workshops are sought by international, national, and regional organizations.

Ward Healing Techniques: A Brief Introduction

Mr. Ward explains the evolution of his specialized techniques over a 60 year hypnosis career, that have become the phenomena they are today. As time permits, he will share case studies, give a group experiential demonstration (the stream) and explain the Brain Systems he has discovered.