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We’ve received an overwhelming response to this year’s HypnoThoughts LIVE conference and want to share some of the feedback here.
You can also find out more about what HypnoThoughts Live was like by visiting our Facebook Group and, of course, on HypnoThoughts.com

Shari Gordon

I am so glad I attended this conference! I have put several new techniques I learned into practice with several clients and they are experiencing fantastic results! Thank You presenters, organizers and attendees for making this happen!

Stephanie Y. Rothman, CH, NLP, EFT

Hi guys, So, I just flew in from Vegas last night, and boy, are my arms tired! : )

Hypnothoughts Live! was really good. I’m shocked at how well run it was for a first-time venture. Top notch. The fact that it was in my neck of the woods was really nice – just a 49 minute trip from wheels up to wheels down (as they said on the plane) as opposed to going to the East Coast. Plus, I love the inclusive spirit of the new kids on the block. Just my style. Plus, since Las Vegas is known for it’s great buffets, the food was out of this world… they gave us three free meals! I only bought two the whole time I was there. I sold out of all of my “Everyday Miracles of Hypnotherapy” books and that was great fun. There was a gal who wanted 10 more but sadly, I didn’t have them. My spiel was that if you have a waiting room, you need this book in it and folks understood the benefit of that. I told her she could buy them on Amazon, and hopefully, she will. What a kinesthetic delight to realize why my suitcase was now so light! : )

I took in a few classes, and made some wonderful new friends. Our own Melissa Tiers was, of course, the star of the whole show. After her presentation on her Anti-Anxiety Toolkit, there was a huge group, probably 10 deep, throwing money at her to buy her books. I’m at once jealous and so very proud. She done good. I was hoping to see more of YOU there, but hopefully next year they will repeat it, and we will have a chance to meet. Oh, I did meet Wendi Webber and she is gorgeous in person. If I’m leaving anybody out, I apologize. I’m kinda pooped right now and writing this on about five hours of sleep. I’m so glad I went. All in all, a great experience.

Jonathan Chase

I think I can speak for the rest of the Hypnoarts team, Tim Box Karl ‘smudger’ Smith Zoe Clews Toni LeBusqe Jane Bregazzi and say thanks everyone for such a great event. As the only entirely British company and team it was amazing, the welcome from everybody was amazing and the friendships formed were will hopefully be long and close ones.

Thanks Scott, Richard, Jackie and the rest of the team for allowing me to present On Friday and Saturday, be part of the experts panel and for the opportunity to perform my show, which looks like we may be back with a tour of the Show and our Hypnosis Happens / Stage Hypnosis Master Class next year as a result. Sharing the Orleans Showroom stage with Scott Sandland Kenda Summers Sean Michael Andrews and Richard Rumble was both a pleasure and an honour.

I hope when you repeat this event that we can return and forge an even greater bond over the pond.

Karl ‘smudger’ Smith

Daryl Wilkinson

Well, I’m back at work just shaken jet lag, having survived a total of 34 torturous hours of being strapped into an aircraft seat, and arriving back into the Australian winter time zone with a wallet about $5000 lighter (fare and expenses only, I didn’t play the tables or slots!) and I have to ask myself was HypnoThoughts Live worth it?

It was a privilege to meet “live” the people that I have known for years on various forums. To chat with Chase and get a hug from Wendi was just the start. It was great to talk with ALL the HypnoThoughtfuls that I did. The food was great, as was the company and to top it off, winning all of Brian David Phillips’ mp3’s and DVD’s was icing on the cake for me.

All the presentations I attended were of the highest standard and if there were any “snafu’s “ I didn’t notice them. HypnoThoughts Live measures up to any of the great conferences that I have attended so Scott, Richard and their Team must be congratulated on the first class job they did on this, the first of many more successful HT Live’s I am sure.

I would also like to sincerely thank those who attended my presentations and allowed me to share my experiences with them.

Finally I must mention that one of the highlights of the conference for me was Scott’s Stand Up Routine. That is one hard gig and he did brilliantly. He has a new career path if he wants it!

Was it worth it? The answer has to be a resounding YES!!!

Will I do it again? Certainly, If I can manage it. For those who didn’t make it this year. Make it a “Must Do” for 2014.

Well done Scott, Richard and the team, and Thank You for a great and memorable event.

Aloha, Antonio Perez

It was great meeting everyone that attended. Can’t wait for next year! Thanks to everyone that helped to make this such a huge success!

This is a family, not a community!

Brian David Phillips

Thank you to Scott Sandland and Richard Clark for organizing an amazing event in HypnoThoughts Live … The conference may be over but we are still going strong.  Not a member of HypnoThoughts? Join Now! Go to http://www.hypnothoughts.com and sign up as a member of the largest hypnosis social media platform on the planet. It’s free so you’ve nothing to lose and so very much to gain!

As to HypnoThoughts Live, also thank you to Richard Clark, all the staff and more – including many HPTI folks – and thank you to the good folks who stopped by our booth and had a nice howdyhypnochat as well as to the very good folks who participated in the multiple presentations that I had throughout the event.

Seriously, if you missed the very first HYPNOTHOUGHTS LIVE, you missed history in the making. What an incredibly rewarding experience!

Jackie Spenser, CHt

What a magical night! Hypnosis on Fremont Street with Sean Michael Andrews, Jonathan Chase and his team and 3 busloads of good friends and new friends. The first ever Hypnothoughts Live has been wild and wonderful in every way. Thanks to all who have made it happen.

Juan Acosta

Scott & of course the rest of the HTL team.

I know I expressed this many times in person, but here it is for posterity… THANK YOU!

It’s really cool to look at the posts and now be able to put a voice to the words I read. It makes HypnoThoughts just that much more special.

I’m one of those first time presenters and I have to say thanks to everyone for your support and kind words. I’ve been flooded with thank yous and nice comments about my “Inductions from the heart” talk, and I can’t wait to polish this thing and make it even more valuable. Thank you all for the warm welcome and for filling up my room!!! 🙂

HTL overall was a very positive experience. Met great people, learned great stuff, and I can’t help but think that it has been a sort of launching pad for those of us that want a voice and haven’t found an outlet for it. I’m excited to see what next year’s conference brings, and as I’m sure you know, you can count on my support if I can help in any way to make it even better.

Also, I think Bill Kennedy’s post with ideas (above) is note-worthy. The cool thing about HTL is that the weight of it all doesn’t have to fall on your (Scott’s) or your team’s shoulders alone. It seems we’re all willing and able to take one extra step ourselves to optimize this experience. That’s a whole lot of steps towards HTL’14 running like clockwork.

Congrats on a great conference and the beginning of something HUGE!

Cathleen Francois

I agree, a BIG THANK YOU to Scott, Richard and the team for pulling off such a marvelous event. I was inspired by some of the most amazing professionals by their passions, knowledge and deliveries of their specialties as well as the excitement of people new to their practice. As a first time presenter to people in this field, I encountered wonderful and enthusiastic feedback from the attendees as well as new connections and friendships of many people I have admired through the years and through my introduction to them at the conference. Scott, your stand-up was AMAZING and I feel a new appreciation for the art of comedy! I took home an even larger sense of confidence in myself in regard to the techniques I learned from David Snyder and David Chervick and put them to great use right away! All in all, it was worth the time, money, and energy to get there and encourage anyone thinking about going next year, to do so without hesitation! 🙂

Tim Box

Thanks to all at Hypnothoughts for organising such a fantastic event!
It was fabulous to meet such amazing people.
All of us at Hypnoarts had an awesome time and hope to see you all again soon!

Jeffrey Richards

So very grateful Brian David Phillips posted about this in the “Hypnosis Trainings” Yahoo group. Or maybe Scott Sandland’s posts here on Facebook was where I first heard about it. Not everyone is a member of the HypnoThoughts community (like, you know, me) and I’m so glad that, despite that, I found out about this event and was able to attend. Mozel tov, everyone, and here’s to the same thing, even better, next year.

Mark Carlin

What a great event. HypnothoughtsLive, and everyone connected, organizers, presenters, vendors, participants, and of course especially our students, YOU ROCK!

David Snyder

To Everyone Who Helped Organize, Facilitate and of course Attend What I truly Believe is the Destined to Become The “Gold Standard” In Hypnosis Education, Entertainment and Community.

I Am truly grateful to all of you for giving me the opportunity the learn share and grow with you.

A special Thanks To Scott Sandland, Richard Clark, Brian David Phillips and of Course The Great and Mighty Richard Rumble For Reminding me about the value of friendship, comraderie, community and what it can do when given a common purpose and the right leadership.

You have all truly created something to be proud of and You HAVE made history this weekend.

And its only going to get better.

To the Amazingly Cool and Passionate People who came to my

– Attraction Mastery

– Instant Conversational Hypnosis, or

– Energy Hypnosis: Secrets of Speed Healing Sessions

To put it bluntly… You Rock!

Your FREE Bonuses are in the system and you should be receiving them shortly.

Your Excitement and Enthusiasm for Our Playshops Truly Made This Trip a Joy and an Inspiration For me and I really loved working with each and every one of you.

Thank you From the Bottom of My Heart For the Honor of Meeting You.

To the Attendees I didn’t get to meet, but came out to support hypnothoughts.

Its Special people like you that will change the world because you don’t sit on the sidelines of hide behind a computer watching the world go by, Rather, you get out there and roll up your sleeves, Do The Drills Get The Skills,

People Like You Are Destined To Change The World… One Mind At A Time.

Lets Make Next Years Event Even More Memorable.

Trance the World and Take Names.

Miguel Cocco

Hi everybody!

Would Like to thank hypnothoughts organization for the wonderfull conference that they made possible for all of us.

It was an honour to be part of this big Hypnosis family. I am so excited to get back to Portugal and share with our hypnotic firiends and Colleges the wonderfull experiences that I was lucky enough to have while meetting and learning with you all.

If you come to Portugal please let me know 🙂

ALL the best for us ALL !

Michael Watson

So proud & excited to be a part of the FIRST HypnoThoughts Live. What a great start to a new tradition – Can’t wait to see what’s in store for NEXT YEAR! Sincere congrat’s & thanks to Scott & all involved.

Patricia V. Scott

FanTAStico … thanks to everybody for everything!

Linda M. Clemens

It was great meeting all of you. Thank you for all the support and information you shared. This trip for me was life changing. I can’t thank you all enough. XOXOXOXO.

Donna Carter

Thank you to all. What a great community. I had the best time!

Suzie Bowers

Great time at HypnoThoughts Live Event in Las Vegas. I made so many great new friends. Looking forward to getting to know you all better and help you to make your dreams come true! Thanks Scott, Richard(s) and Jackie and the whole crew! Wonderful! Wonderful!

Daniel White

Can I just say a big thank you to everyone for rekindling my love of hypnosis again. This weekend for me has been like discovering hypnosis again for the first time. I’m so glad I made the trip over from the UK.

Rick Paddock

I had high expectations and they were blown away … surpassed by the Nth degree! Thank you new friends

Doris Santic

Thank you soooooo much for organizing the first ever “hypno-thoughts-live” (I’m sure it was a lot of work)!!! It will always have a special meaning to me as it occurred exactly 2 weeks after I finished a hypnotherapy program in Canada with Sherry Hood. It was SO exciting to continue my education so soon after finishing school and even more exciting to meet a lot of you in person. There were many hypno-stars there 🙂

What a fabulous experience it was for me to hear some of you talk live, then be able to ask questions and get an answer right away! That was very beneficial for me…and although I found many people’s views to vary from one detail to another…it was done respectfully (most times) and there sure was some wonderful information to be learned there. Not only did I walk away with some awesome new knowledge…but I have made a few new “friends for life” as well!!!

THANK YOU SCOTT for hosting that for everyone…not only will I treasure these memories for life…but I’m looking forward to coming back next year and building more knowledge after a years experience. May hypno-thoughts-live…live for many more years to come.

THANK YOU ALL who participated in teaching the workshops…but a special THANK YOU to Michael Ellner, Kelley Woods, and Alan Barsky. So wonderful to meet you all in person…thanks for a 4 hours sooooo well spent. Look forward to reading “Hope is Realistic”.

Thank you hypnothoughts for an event well organized and even more worth it…see you all next year (if not before) 🙂

James Hazlerig

WOW, Just Wow!

Andria Michele Wood

Thank you to the organizers, volunteers and presenters for such a smoothly run event. I found it fun, friendly and informative. A great first year!!… I thought it was an amazing beginning!! Very well done, indeed!! I’m telling all my hypno colleagues and will definitely be back next year!! And every year!

Juan Acosta

Hey all, how nice to finally put flesh and bones on the pictures and words we usually get. I had an amazing weekend sharing with and meeting everyone and I look forward to some great buzz about the event and an even bigger and better one next year!

Let’s connect more personally if you have an interest, and lets continue to support each other as professionals. See you next time.

Jay Matthew

What a wonderful event. It was great meeting you! We at Hypno Maps hope that you all go claim your free map listing. We also have a special for all those who connect with us via HypnoThoughts Live. (Three free Specialists Map listings!) See you all at the next one 🙂